single detailVertical Rolling Contact Voltage Stabilizer

- Vertical rolling contact voltage stabilizer comprises of Voltage Regulator and an Auto Transformer.

- Rolling Spring Carbon moves on vertical regulator coil with help of Servo AC Motor.

- The output voltage depends upon this movement of carbon.

- The size of this type of stabilizer is smaller as compared to Varic type Servo Stabilizer.

Vertical Rolling Contact Voltage Stabilizer

Technical Specifications-

Technology-Rolling Contact Voltage Stabilizer
Type-Balanced/Unbalanced Input & Balanced/Unbalanced Load
No of Phases- Single/Three Phase
Frequency- 50 Hz. +- 5%
Power Factor- >.95
Capacity-15 KVA – 50 KVA Single Phase
50-5000 KVA Three Phase
Cooling- Air Natural Oil Natural (ANON)
Air Forced Oil Forced (AFOF)
Input Voltage- 155V-270V,170-270V,195V-270V,205V-270V (Single Phase)
270V-460V,300V-460V,340V-460V,360V-460V (Three Phase)
Output Voltage-230 V +- 1% (Single Phase)
400 V +- 1% (Three Phase) Or Adjustable
Rate of Correction- 10-15 Volts (Per Second)
Overload Capacity- 125% For 1 Min.
Winding- Pure Electrolyte Copper Strip
Temperature Rise- Ambient + 55C
Insulation Resistance- < 5 Mega Ohms. At 500 V DC
Type Of Installation : Indoor/Outdoor
Electrical Strength : 2000 V for 1Min. without Breakdown and Flash Over
Waveform-Pure Sinusoidal Wave
Response Time- <30ms. Per Volt.


Over Voltage & Low Voltage Cut Off
Over Load Cut Off
Short Circuit Protection
Phase Reversal Protecton
Phase Fail Protection
By Pass Arrangement