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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Servo Voltage StabilizerEver since the inception of this company, we have been setting landmarks adhering to highest quality standards. If you are looking for Voltage Servo Stabilizer in Delhi, then you have reached the correct place. We are a name to reckon with as the best Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi.

Main parts of the servo controlled voltage stabilizers are:

  • Servo motor
  • Variac
  • Transformer

Unbalanced type voltage stabilizers
It has three servo motors that are mounted on 3 variacs & the transformers are independently connected.

Balanced type voltage stabilizers
It has a solo phase servo motor build up on 3 coupled variacs that are operated mechanically, so it stabilizes the voltage by single phase only.

Specifications of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer:
The accessories and fittings are as follows:

  • CT operated Amplification meter
  • Volt meter (0 to 300 volts 3 Nos.) for reading output and input voltage per phase and 0-500 Volts phase to phase
  • High/Low/Main indicators
  • Selector switch to calculate the load independently
  • Manual/Auto switch
  • Manual decrease/increase push switch
  • Output lower/raise in manual mode
  • Make: Volina
  • Output voltage alteration in auto mode

Technical Specifications

  • Output voltage is - 415V +/- 2.5% Adjustable
  • Input voltage is 270,480 V ,300V-480V or as needed
  • Rate of correction - additional 8V / Sec
  • Capacity - ........KVA (1 to 1000 KVA)
  • Cooling - Air/ Oil

Protections : (Optional)

  • Short circuit protection
  • Low & High voltage cut off
  • Single phase guard
  • Over load guard
  • Bypass arrangement