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Isolation Transformer

Volina is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and the company is working as Isolation Transformer Manufacturers and provides the best Isolation Transformer in Delhi. Isolation transformers are used to transfer electric power from alternating current (AC) power, achieved from a source, into some device or equipment while separating the powered tool from the source of power, done usually for safety purposes.

An Isolation transformer supply galvanic isolation is used to defend against any electric shock, to hold back electrical sound in sensitive devices, to eliminate impurities/harmonics,and to move power between 2 circuits, which is not connected together at this point of time.

A properly designed isolation transformer obstructs interference achieved by ground loops. Isolation transformers along with electrostatic shields are used for supplying power for sensitive equipments such as laboratory instruments or computers. Being the best IsolationTransformer manufacturers and suppliers, the company strives hard to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers well in time that too in a best possible manner.


  • Output voltage -220V in single phase 415 V in three phases or as per requirement
  • Input voltage - 220V in single phase 415 V in three phases or as per requirement
  • Ratio -1:1
  • Cooling :- Air/ Oil
  • Capacity: - 0.5 KVA to 1000 KVA